Instrumental Music List

Music Pakistan
Instrumental - Classical
CD 1 (Been)
HemJumman Khan
Dhanasri (Brari)Jumman Khan
KhemJumman Khan
MultaniJumman Khan
Maru BehagUstad Talib Hussain
Nut BehagUstad Talib Hussain
MaligoraUstad Talib Hussain
NaurozUstad Talib Hussain
Cd 2 (Sarangi)
Shudh sarangUstad Talib Hussain
Pat DeepUstad Talib Hussain
MultaniUstad Talib Hussain
Madh KaunsUstad Talib Hussain
CD 3 (Sarangi)
BageshriUstad Talib Hussain
AdanaUstad Talib Hussain
JanupuriUstad Talib Hussain
DesUstad Talib Hussain
Sampooran Chandr KaunsUstad Talib Hussain
Bilas Khani TodiUstad Talib Hussain
CD 4 (Tabla)
Roopak TalUstad Nathoo Khan
Teen TaalUstad Nathoo Khan
Lachmi TaalUstad Nathoo Khan
CD 5 (Alghoza)
JoagUstad Ashiq Hussain
PahariUstad Ashiq Hussain
AsaUstad Ashiq Hussain
BhairvinUstad Ashiq Hussain
JaunpuriUstad Ashiq Hussain
BageshriUstad Ashiq Hussain
Bheem PlasiUstad Ashiq Hussain
KafiUstad Ashiq Hussain
DesUstad Ashiq Hussain
SorathUstad Ashiq Hussain
KhamachUstad Ashiq Hussain
Bhairwin SindhiUstad Ashiq Hussain
TilangUstad Ashiq Hussain
BheemUstad Ashiq Hussain
KohiariUstad Ashiq Hussain
Lurao ManjhUstad Ashiq Hussain
CD 6 (Sitar)
AemanUstad Talib Hussain
BhairvinUstad Talib Hussain
Gujri TodiUstad Talib Hussain
PooriyaUstad Talib Hussain
JaijaiwantiUstad Talib Hussain
CD 7 (Sitar)
Sham KalyanAbdul Sattar Tari
KirwaniAbdul Sattar Tari
BaharAbdul Sattar Tari
CD 8 (Iktara/Sarinda)
Folk Tune
Folk Tune (Punjabi)Saeen Marna
Folk Tune (Pushto)Munir Sarhadi
CD 9 (Clarinet)
RageshriAbdul Sattar Tari
BaharAbdul Sattar Tari
MalkaunsUstad Ashiq Hussain
Master Sohni Khan
SohniUstad Inayat Ali Khan
Jangla BhairvinUstad Inayat Ali Khan
KalangraUstad Inayat Ali Khan
Sindhi BhairvinUstad Inayat Ali Khan
TilangUstad Inayat Ali Khan
Cd 10 (Flute)
DesUstad Talib Hussain
SriUstad Talib Hussain
PuriaUstad Talib Hussain
Mian Ki TodiUstad Talib Hussain
RageshriUstad Talib Hussain

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